Before your trip – We will help you prepare for the more formal side of the challenge administration which covers the entry requirements such as flight tickets, passport and visa requirements, and health formalities which in some cases is a per-requirement to enter the country. Its essential to get this right otherwise you could be denied entry to your destination country.

Travel tips – Part of the enjoyment of overseas travel is experiencing a different way of life and different cultures but it can also mean experiencing different levels of safety and hygiene than you are normally used to. We provide you with detailed support info which covers a multitude of risk management advice and specific tips on Health, Travel, Accommodation, Food and Personal Safety.

Insurance – We provide a comprehensive policy which covers – among other things – medical (emergency, evacuation and repatriation) arrangements, cancellation and curtailment and cover for specific adventurous activities.

Visa – We provide advice on any potential visa requirements while you book your challenge. Please apply for your visa in plenty of time before departure to avoid a last-minute panic.

Tickets – Where your challenge includes flights, we will issue your tickets before your departure. Check the return flights match up with the details you have and notify our staff of any discrepancies.

Passport – Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the end of your challenge. If it isn’t, you may be refused entry to the country you are visiting. If you need to renew your passport, please allow plenty of time.

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