For many years, horse riding in Rajasthan was considered an elitist pastime. The Marwari horse is named after this region of Jodhpur, previously known as Marwar. As long ago as the 12th century by the Rathores, then rulers of Marwar and famous cavalry fighters who were led by their beloved and sometimes considered sacred Marwari horses, they are now a feature of horse riding holidays in Rajasthan.

This Wonderful fortnight of horse riding in Rajasthan takes you into the very heart of the Marwar Desert where an Outstanding mix of dramatic landscapes and ancient cultural heritage lies in wait amidst the dunes.

Meeting local people, on their level, is part and parcel of this experience with ample opportunities to Get down and discover a few regional delicacies as well as observing tribal customs that have remained unchanged across the ages.

Wildlife watching is also an on-going theme of this horse riding tour in Rajasthan. Spending nights in different settings really turns this tour into an authentic adventure with heritage properties and fully-facilitated desert camps all adding to the thrill of exploring in northern India on the back of a horse