Monastic and mystical, the kingdom of Bhutan is a Buddhist fairy tale land Laid in one of the world’s most spectacular natural environments- the Himalayas. A cycling adventure in Bhutan is truly adventurous, with matchless scenery and a cultural experience.

Medieval monasteries, centuries-old stupas, and daily traditional dances. These are just a few of the peculiar fixtures of Bhutanese life that you will encounter on your journey through the Dragon kingdom. And it’s not just for show. Thanks to careful preservation, its ancestral Buddhist culture, natural environment, and local well being are all thriving. In a modern world that only seems to accelerate, Bhutan has kept a pace of its own, and there’s no better time to experience it.

Experience the climbing- roads in Bhutan that  go only up or down. Home to one of the world’s longest single descents, the Himalayas Immerse every inch of this small country. A dense landscape of steep hills, switchbacks, and mountain villages against a backdrop of alpine slopes and impressive peaks. Thrilling climbs are Perfected with clear views of the surrounding range, and of course, the sensation of Birds eye, Pleasing descents.